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What is ERC-20 ?

ERC-20 is a popular standard for smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. It is a set of rules that must be followed when developing a contract responsible for the parameters and issue of a new user token.

  • This standard has greatly simplified the process of creating new cryptocurrencies.

  • Different ERC-20 tokens can be transferred and stored at the same address on the Ethereum network.

Basic usage scenarios :

  1. Launching your token (cryptocurrency) as a means of payment or the internal currency of the company. To pay for the goods and services of the project.

  2. Use in the company's loyalty program, as cashback, bonus points, activity rewards, etc.

  3. Using the company's shares as a digital analogue to attract financing. You can launch a project token, distribute it among investors and list it on a decentralized exchange for trading your tokens.

  4. Use as a digital certificate. The transparency of the blockchain allows all users to see the balances of tokens at any addresses. This allows tokens to be used as an identifier for the user's ability to access certain products on the basis of token ownership.

  5. Use in decentralized organizations (DAO). Tokens can be used as a mechanism for determining the strength of the voice and the user's share in a particular organization.

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