Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is an Ethereum — compatible blockchain that offers the same smart contract capabilities at much lower transaction fees.

One of the main advantages of BSC is the high speed of transaction processing. At the same time, the blockchain is somewhat centralized. Its goal is to maintain the high throughput of the BNB Beacon Chain and at the same time introduce smart contracts into the ecosystem.

It is worth noting that BSC is not a second-level solution or an off-chain solution for scaling. This is an independent blockchain that can work even when the BNB Beacon Chain is disabled.

Since the BSC network is compatible with EVM, it supports Ldap and tools on Ethereum. This allows developers to freely transfer their projects from any EVM networks.

Поскольку сеть BSC совместима с EVM, она поддерживает Ldap и инструменты на Ethereum. Это позволяет разработчикам свободно переносить свои проекты из любых EVM сетей.

BSC is one of the most popular blockchains with a huge ecosystem of services and applications. It is great for most types of contracts.

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