🚿How to use CryptoDo Faucet

Instructions for Obtaining Tokens

1.In order to receive test tokens, you need to start creating a smart contract.

2.Choose the network and type of contract.

3.You can receive tokens by clicking “Send me funds.”

4.After 5–10 seconds, the transaction will be processed and a link to the explorer will appear.

5.A few seconds later, you will receive a notification of the successful receipt of test tokens.

You can receive test tokens only once per 24 hours in each of the supported blockchains*

Now you can set up the smart contract and test it in a test network.Congratulations!


CryptoDo’s introduction of one-click faucets on the testnets of all supported blockchains marks a significant step in the platform’s mission to simplify the process of creating and testing web3 applications. By removing the barriers typically associated with obtaining testnet tokens, CryptoDo is making it easier than ever for businesses and individuals to embrace the benefits of blockchain technology and develop groundbreaking web3 applications.

Create web3 applications in CryptoDo without code and use faucets for free deploy and test smart contracts: https://lab.cryptodo.app

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