Prize draw

Prize draw lottery - lottery format in which the creator draws some prizes from the company. At the same time, users buy tickets for a minimum cost or even for free.

For this type of lottery, it is necessary for the creator to send the amount of the prize pool from his wallet to the smart contract.

For example, 1% of the participants take 30% of the prize pool, 10% of the participants take 40%, and the rest of the participants share 30% of all lottery funds. You can flexibly configure the percentages of winners and their shares in the CryptoDo constructor interface.

This type of lottery is ideal for attracting attention to the company and creating an information guide.

Why do we need lotteries?

1. Prize draws increase audience activity.

2. An additional source of income. The lottery creator sets a fixed commission for the purchase of tickets in a smart contract.

3. Attracting a new audience. Prize draws are always a good tool in marketing campaigns.

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