🎲How to create lottery

You have selected the type of smart contract (Lottery)

  1. In the "Lottery Names" field, you must enter the name of the lottery (The name of the lottery must be in English!) The name of the lottery can be anything and will not conflict with the same names.

  2. In the "Price for 1 ticket" field, you must enter the price for 1 ticket to be issued.

  3. In the "Tickets amount" field, enter the number of tickets (Must be an integer!) to be issued. (Minimum quantity 10 tickets).

  4. In the fields "Start time" and "End time" you must specify the period during which the lottery will be held.

  5. In the "Owner Fee" field, you must enter the percentage for the creator of the lottery from the amount of ticket purchases.

  6. In the "Lottery Type" section, you must select one of the three proposed types of lottery.

  7. После создания токена появляется возможность задеплоить смарт-контракт в тестовую сеть Testnet бесплатно или в основную сеть Mainnet, оплатив комиссию сервиса.

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