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What is a DAO?

DAO - format of an organization, which is managed using smart contracts uploaded to the blockchain.

This organization is managed in a decentralized manner and operates autonomously, without the need for regulatory intervention.

The easiest way to explain the principle of operation of the DAO is to draw an analogy with a legal entity in a real business. DAO as well as LLC/LLC allows you to organize collective business management and fair distribution of dividends. Only a legal entity relies on the legal foundations of a specific jurisdiction, and the DAO is based on decentralized mechanisms of smart contracts.

In the DAO, you can distribute GP tokens among partners to empower them with the power of voice, establish a quorum for decision-making by voting partners in the blockchain, as well as issue LP tokens to determine the partners' shares in the financial capital of the DAO.

In CryptoDo, you can create your own DAO contract and web interface for convenient management of treasury and voting in the organization.

Basic usage scenarios:

1. Collective investment management. You can create your own investment fund in the DAO format, distribute GP tokens to fund managers and sell LP tokens to investors of your fund. Decisions on entering into transactions will be made by all partners, and profits will be distributed proportionally among investors.

2. Business management. You can create a DAO for your business, distribute shares (LP tokens) among partners, attract investments, pay salaries to employees, distribute funds for marketing, development, procurement, etc.

3. Game guilds in GameFi. The DAO helps to combine the efforts of players and the funds of investors to achieve maximum results in blockchain games and a fair distribution of profits.

4. Charity and grant funds. You can create your own DAO-fund, attract investments and jointly distribute funds for public goods or grant programs.

5. Joint purchases. You can team up with other people and make expensive purchases together. For example, expensive NFT tokens or access to any programs and communities.

🏦How to create DAO

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