💎How to create a smart contract (ERC-20)

You have chosen the type of smart contract (ERC-20)

  1. In the field "Name of the token" you must enter the name of the token in Latin letters. It can be anything, even existing ones.

  2. In the "Symbol" field, you must enter the symbol of the token in Latin letters, which must consist of at least 3 letters/symbols.

  3. In the "Initial supply" field, you must enter the number (integer) of tokens that will be issued.

  4. In the "Decimal numbers" field, you must enter the number of decimal places for your token.

  5. In the "Owner" field, the connected wallet is set by default, but it can be changed.

  6. In the "Additional crontract functions" section, you can add additional functionality to the smart contract.

Additional crontract functions:

  • Mintable - release of new tokens in a smart contract.

  • Pausable - a function for the owner that allows you to stop all transactions in the smart contract.

  • Blacklist - a function for the owner, which allows you to prohibit any address from conducting transactions in a smart contract.

  • Burnable - a function that makes it possible to destroy tokens.

  • Burn fee - a function that allows you to burn a set percentage of tokens from each transaction.

  • Dev/marketing fee - a function that allows you to set a commission from each transaction and send it to the specified address.

  • Liquidity fee - a function that allows you to replenish the liquidity pool of the token by a certain percentage from each transaction.

7. After creating a token, it becomes possible to deploy a smart contract to the Testnet test network for free or to the main Mainnet network by paying a service fee.

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