Avalanche is an open-source platform for launching decentralized applications and deploying public and private blockchains within a unified, scalable ecosystem. Avalanche consists of a primary network and an unlimited number of subnets. In turn, the primary network includes three blockchains:

  • The Platform Chain (P-Chain) stores metadata, coordinates validators, and tracks subnets.

  • The Contract Chain (C-Chain) enables the creation of Ethereum-compatible smart contracts.

  • The Exchange Chain (X-Chain) provides tools for exchanging data between subnets, as well as creating interchangeable tokens and NFTs.

Avalanche subnets are similar to L2 solutions for Ethereum and parachains in Polkadot, but with fully isolated blockchain states. Any Avalanche user can create a subnet by paying a fee of 0.01 AVAX. All Avalanche nodes must verify transactions in the primary network, and optionally in other subnets.

Subnet creators can include various parameters, such as launching multiple blockchains and setting their own validator requirements, such as mandatory KYC/AML compliance.

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